Oregon Coast Map

One of the important tasks that a traveler to Oregon needs to do is plan tours that he will have on the Oregon Coast. He needs to verify the distances that he is going to travel; this is done to make sure if the planned day trips that are actually doable in a day, or if travel time up should be extended up to the evening.

Oregon Coast Map

Travel and map websites abound that provide day trip time tips. These are especially useful for travelers that make plans on a special road tour to an Oregon Coast attraction that they might have discovered. Hence it is advisable to use the reliable Oregon Coast Map that would help one in his travel to the coast.

The Oregon Coast, for both one-time tourists and seasoned travelers, is more than just a great place to visit – it is actually more of a state of mind. If one would check the map of Oregon, there is actually nowhere in it that says Oregon Coast. However, travelers know that the coast is actually the more than 360 miles of coast where the Pacific Ocean meets the western beaches of the Oregon state.

In the Oregon Cost Map, one can notice the entire Oregon Coast going from the Columbia River down to the border of California, passing through the forests of Oswald State Park, named after the Oregon official who was responsible for securing the beaches of Oregon for public use.

Three regions of the coast are clearly divided in the Oregon Coast Map. The North Oregon Coast includes the counties of Clatsop and Tillamook, running through the Columbia River toward the Cascade Head. Astoria, the northernmost point on the Oregon Coast, is known to be the oldest American settlement found in western Mississippi. Likewise found in the Northern Coast are Seaside, a popular resort town destination and Cannon Beach, famous for its active arts communities and sandcastle contests.

Tillamook County, one of the major tourist attractions on the Oregon coast, is divided into sections which include Rockaway Beach, where the residents from Portland in the early times toured and vacationed during the early 20th century via train over the Oregon Coast Range.

Lincoln County is considered the Central Oregon Coast, albeit when checking the Oregon Coast Map, it suggests that Reedsport and Florence must be included. Nonetheless, Lincoln’s sandy beaches are a major attraction to a lot of visitors. Kite flying likewise a tourist activity that’s very popular at Lincoln.

Florence is considered to be one of the most active cities along the Oregon Coast when it comes to growth. A big number of Americans choose this city as their ideal place for retirement. Florence is also found on the far edge of the Oregon Recreation Area, extending through Reedsport and ending at Coos Bay.

Other important places along the Oregon Coast are Reedsport, Winchester Bay and Umpqua Lighthouse.  Reedsport is an Oregon Coast city that is a number of miles going inland from the Umpqua River delta. Winchester Bay is likewise found near Umpqua River and very popular among the tourists. The Umpqua Lighthouse, on the other hand, is a major attraction for many tourists, both local and out-of-state.